if everyone lived like me, we would need 3 planets

Yup, this is the latest discovery i have made about myself. Before we get more into this here is some background.

This quarter i am taking a “Marketing Strategies for Sustainability” class. As part of the class requirements we will be blogging our personal efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. So in a similar effort to preserve the finite amount of web space i own, i am integrating this assignment in marketwala as a category called “Marketing 488

Ok now back to business. So as i was saying if the whole world were to live my lifestyle we would need 3 planets to support us. Now now, before you start to tell me i am killing the planet i would like you to take the test and find out how you are doing. If you take the test post the results in comments, i will try to post results from the rest of our class to add some frame of reference to this number.

Quick Stats for me:

  • If everyone had my lifestyle we would need 3.2 planets (yes i rounded it down)
  • It take 14.2 acres of earth’s productive area to support me
  • The 14.2 acres generates 15.3 tons of carbon dioxide
  • Most of my land consumption comes from Energy land

Here is a colorful and friendly graphic that shows how i destroy our planet. (click to zoom)

So where do i go from here?

Well here are some site i have been browsing to get ideas (suggested by our professor)

What am i going to do?

The good news is that the hard part is over, making the decision to GO GREEN. Now its all smooth sailing. I am starting with 3 things i will do regularly to make a difference, if it goes well i will add more to the list.

  • Un-plug all chargers and electronic equipment not being used.
  • Buy locally grown foods and fair trade products
  • Decline plastic bags, carry re-usable shopping bags

Other things i hope to implement that don’t require monitoring

  • Drop the thermostat by 1º (one degree)
  • Buy energy saving lights

I could never have imagined that i was living so far over the planets limits. But, i am now doing something about it. Your Turn.

marketing lessons: we are what we do, some simple actions like the ones above show that you care and have passion, there is no better personal marketing. Also, websites dedicated to social change like sustainability of our planet need to do a little extra to keep a casual visitors attention therefore these are some of the best sites on the web, just visit them makes gives you more “internet smarts.”

until next time



4 thoughts on “if everyone lived like me, we would need 3 planets

  1. I started doing those things as well. I don’t really go shopping but I’ve put in energy efficient light bulbs everywhere. I traded my land rover for a camry. I still think I am leaving a big footprint though.

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  3. You’ve got a pretty amazing site here, Rahim, thanks for the RSS info 🙂 You’ve selected some doable strategies for reducing your footprint, just keep persevering, none of us is perfect all the time 🙂

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