Its hard to change habits, especially the bad ones

Its been more than a week and the “green resolutions” are not going well. Before we get into the update here is a sustainability update from the interwebs. (click the titles to view)

Food needs “fundamental rethink” – Mark Kinver writes this article on BBC online to talk about the needs for a complete overhaul in the food production process.

Tim Lang from UK’s newly formed food council is quoted “The new approach needed to address key fundamentals like biodiversity, energy, water and urbanisation, he added.”

The article talks about the process from many perspectives and is a must read.

Cement that Eats Carbon Dioxide Invented by British Scientists – The new cement, which uses a different raw material, certainly has a vast potential market. Making the 2bn tonnes of cement used globally every year pumps out 5% of the world’s CO2 emissions – more than the entire aviation industry.

Wind triggered garden light – Here is a fun project to practice some sustainability at home. This wind powered light uses a cell battery, led’s and good old human ingenuity. The project works best in numbers so make plenty and if you end up with too many than share it with friends.

The tutorial has full step by step pictures with great instructions and also a video though i find the pictures are more helpful.


Now back to my failings in being green. If you have no idea what i am talking about look here for my green resolutions. Ok lets do these in order.

Unplug when not using – this one was the biggest FAIL this past week. I keep forgetting to unplug everything, from the blender in the kitchen to the cell phone charger in the bedroom. I don’t see any energy saving from the last week.

I got my hands on some bright yellow fabric tape and currently i am in the process of putting this on places i look at on my way out of the house hopefully this will act as a reminder to unplug.

Buy Local – Last weeks shopping included bread, chicken, noodles, jelly, peanut butter, shrimp. I bought the plastic jelly and peanut butter jar’s 😦 because they were bigger and cheaper. Made sure the chicken was local but the shrimp was packaged.

Decline Plastic – It was after class and it was raining. Yes i took the plastic bag, i completely forgot to put the grocery bag in my backpack before heading to classes. Now the first item on my grocery list is GRAB THE GROCERY BAG and it will never go away.

So all in all it was a rather unsuccessful week in my green efforts but i figure i need to make these actions habits.

p.s. i turned down the temperature and gonna go another degree starting today 🙂

until next time



2 thoughts on “Its hard to change habits, especially the bad ones

  1. Habits are really interesting.
    Some good research on the topic suggests that the key to breaking habits is understanding the factors that trigger them and breaking the connection. For example, you’ll do a better job of avoiding plastic bags if you change grocers.
    This is not easy, of course. If it were, there would be far fewer smokers in the world. But you can do it!

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