small victories = motivation

Another week goes by and my attempts to cultivate green habits become more structured. I had two small victories but before the update here are 3 green stories from the web.

Vespa’s reduce carbon footprint: Paolo Timoni, CEO and President of Piaggio Group USA claims Vespa’s are very effective at reducing carbon footprints. And that’s why his company recently updated its website, to teach consumers about the benefits of driving a Vespa. This green effort by Vespa is directly connected to the consumers pockets and is called Vespanomics.

Lazy man’s guide to living green: One of the biggest complains an average consumer like myself has is that living green is too expensive. Bryan Merchant from Brooklyn, New York begs to differ. He shares some basic tips on simple things one can do in the course of a normal day to save money, be green and be lazy all at the same time. Warning: some tips may cause you to break out laughing.

Tweet-A-Watt: This is a DIY project by publishers of MAKE magazine and also their entry into the core77 green design competition. Tweet-A-Watt is a modification of Kill-A-Watt monitor available in your neighborhood hardware or electronics store. The modification takes the readings from the Kill-A-Watt and wirelessly send them to the very popular micro blogging service Twitter. The idea behind this is that if you are consuming too much energy the twitter community will punish you with mean comments and of course green accolades for smart energy consumption.


Ok now for the weekly update.

Unplug: This is still the most difficult task for me, since my life revolves around technology i am very accustomed to having all my gadgets charged and ready to go. This obviously means that when i am not using them i leave them plugged in. In the last post i mentioned putting yellow tape around the house as a visual reminder to power down when i leave. This worked unless i am in a rush because i slept in. So yesterday i implemented the new strategy of collecting all my chargers into one power strip and placing the power strip in my line of sight. This makes the task simple which will hopefully compel me to do it.

Buy Local: This was the first of two victories this week, a trip to costco made me super happy when i realized i could get locally grown produce for cheap. It does mean that i have to buy in bulk but i collaborated with a friend and we split the produce and cost. Purchase included peppers, shrimp, chicken, muffins, onions and pasta.

Decline Plastic: This was the second small victory. I had stuffed my shopping bag in my backpack last week and all of this week anytime i was offered it was very easy to decline plastic and pull out my shopping bag. It was a very good feeling to be prepared and also got a few compliments for it. Yay :-D.

Marketing Lesson: To make green habits catch on it is important to give consumers small victories to keep them hooked because apart from the small group of “green people” everyone else needs something else because just being green is not enough for them.

Until next time



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