photo break: Pepsi Logo, bloated?

Unless you have been living under a rock you have seen the Pepsi logo, around me people have had very polarized opinions on it. Personally i am in the “Love it” category as is evident from the graphic above Mr. Yang does not agree with me and is monetizing his disagreement. [T-SHIRTS HERE]

The logo design itself has been compared to the Obama campaign logo. Those rumors have been crushed in the last few days with a new internal Pepsi report that was leaked on the interwebs. The report uses everything from gravity to Da Vinci to DNA to pitch the new logo.

A lot (seriously a lot) of BS is used to sell the logo and it seems Pepsi was buying, here is another graphic from the report that compares the new logo to sun and its gravitational pull on space time. [DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE]

i realize this photo break went long and i will try not to do that too often.

until next time



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