the many flavors of green

Quarter is almost coming to an end and as always i am struggling to summarize the vastness of all the information i have learnt. The sustainability goals are coming along pretty well before we get into details here is something i came across the web today.

Uptil now i just knew the terms “green” or “grey.” Each signifying friend or enemy of the planet respectively. Today i ran across an article on the web that talks about different types of green. I have tried to create one line summaries on all of them and you an always read the original post here.

There are 3 types of green based on the philosophy of the people that follow them, obviously there are many variations in each and crossovers.

Bright Green: People who believe that for green to be successful it also has to be profitable and care about overall well being of humanity.

Light Green: People that encourage change on an individual level will result in a global result.

Dark Green: People that promote the idea that we need to step away from consumerism and maybe even modern conviniences.

What type of Green are you? I currently fall somewhere under light and bright green.

Sustainable Efforts Update time.

Unplug: This goal has achieved status quo (in a good way), i remember to shut down all power when i leave and use only what i need when i am at home.

Buy Local: I still struggle with this because of money and choice concerns but slowly getting better. The locally grown chicken at Cotco really helps.

Decline Plastic: I will admit that this goal still see’s regular misteps mostly when i am busy and not paying attention to what i buy but sometimes because i am on campus at 3am and my only choices for food is the vending machine.

Convert a Friend: This was successful again this week, i converted another friend and she is normally pretty good with being sustainable but chose to add another thing to her list and also try to convince one of her friends to start a sustainable habit. (I feel like the top of a pyramid scheme, hehe)

Also i know the posts are still lacking the extra Umph! but soon i will have my new MacBook and with it a way to do things my way leading to better quality posts 😀

Until next time



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