carbon footprint 2.0

A picture is worth a thousand words, the first image is my new carbon footprint and the second is the old one (difference of about 9 weeks, click on the images to see a zoomed version.)

So what is the difference, here are the numbers.

  • Planets required to support my lifestyle – dropped from 3.2 to 3.1
  • Global acres needed to support my lifestyle – dropped from 14.2 to 13.9
  • Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide generated – dropped from 15.3 to 11.9

These are small drops with the biggest difference coming in carbon dioxide production. The footprint breakdown also lost a significant portion of the pie in housing footprint, my suspicions are this is because of better recycling habits.

My problem with this method: this site does a really good job of measuring few things one might do to reduce their footprint. Other steps like refusing plastic, using environmentally friendly products are not measured. One may make the argument that these steps are so small that they do not have an impact on my carbon footprint. My response would be that this measurement tool is meant to be another way to encourage people to change their ways and if my day to day efforts (no matter how small) are not being measured than it might fail to positively encourage users.

If i had done everything i did the same as last 9 weeks except take the sustainability class i would be very inclined to think that my efforts made no difference. Hopefully this will change in the future as better metrics are created along with more robust technology to support them.

In the meanwhile my efforts to be more green and stay green continue on, and hopefully i will do this again in about 9-12 weeks time. I look forward to comments and suggestions, especially if you know of other ways to measure carbon footprint.

until next time


update: here is where you can take the test yourself thank you @econow for pointing that out.


One thought on “carbon footprint 2.0

  1. Rahim – your point about the failure of the EF calculators we used to accurately capture significant lifestyle changes is a good one; many students expressed their surprise and disappointment that there footprint was reduced by only .3 or .2 of a % over the quarter………

    I enjoyed having you in class this quarter! Stay in touch! And thanks for taking the lead to continue your blog and invite others to join with you to do the same!

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