Anonymously Viral

Firstly let me apologize for the lack of posts lately. Summer has been a little too good to me and i have been unable to sit myself down to do any real work 😀
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Lately i have been hearing increased buzz about using anonymous internet services like Post Secret, Post Crossing, GroupHug and ExperienceProject etc. So i got thinking there is obviously a psychological reason why people their most intimate secrets in public. I am going to leave that part to some psych major i am mostly interested to see if there are any marketing advantages to services like these.

This is if you dont know what the above mentioned services actually do. Feel free to skip.*

Quick Background: The 4 services mentioned above and many more around the web provide a way for people to connect with complete strangers while staying anonymous. For example: A guy might post his deep desire to cheat on his girlfriend with her sister and maybe someone else responds with a message like follow your heart life is too short to be miserable. Best way to understand is to go and read a few of the posts on the site.

*If you skipped read from here.

Analysing: I tried few different ways to quantify the human behavior demonstrated on these websites, here is one of the simple ones.

Understanding the needs of these individuals:

Need to connect [feel, reachout etc.]
Need to express [say out loud etc.]
Need for advice

In a digital age its no surprise that these services exsist to satisfy the needs mentioned above and many more.

Marketing Leverage: As i contemplate best ways to harness the marketing power behind such behavior i am reminded of @profedwinlove ‘s example that Procter & Gamble’s BeingGirl website is already tapping into this behavior with teenage girls and selling a lot of feminine care products not only in western countries but also in middleeastern and southasian countries.

Whats important when leveraging this type of behavior is to be extremely honest and straightforward. Just like any other facet of marketing reputation has a large influence on one’s influence.

Next, leverage the interweb to crowdsource your customers if this is done right you will not only have customers but also evangelists for your products. This DOES NOT mean that you create a forum and sit back and watch. It is vital to control the users experience by providing unique content and experience to keep the user engaged.

I would recommend a team of 3-5 people working a minimum of 2 months straight just to plan a project like this. Here is another curveball dont over plan keep the customer [site visitor] feeling they are incharge and have freedom to roam around as they see fit.

Marketing Lesson: If your head hasnt exploded yet you will surely agree with me that any time a marketing campaign is targeted towards intimate emotions there are many fine lines that need to be balanced, but if this is done right the benefits are abundant too.

until next time


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