Pull a marketing coup with President Clinton

Yesterday we learned an important marketing lesson from Kim Jong Il of North Korea. If you dont know what i am talking about follow this link and this link from cnn.com to get caught up.

Back to marketing: As we have heard time and time dictators tend to be gifted speakers with sharp minds and beings one of the last few true dictators left in the world Kim Jong Il is definitely part of that club. With rumors circulating about a stroke earlier this year and potential of a power vaccum being filled by his youngest son Kim Jong Il leveraged the arrest of these two women amazingly well to hit many birds with one arrow.

After the high level “humanitarian” mission that former President Bill Clinton completed yesterday, Korean [state controlled] papers covered their front pages with meeting between the two men. The pardon of the US journalists only got a small article on the third page. [if you have images of this paper shoot me an email admin@irahim.com]

Though it will take a few months to see how this news went over inside north korea but there is a pretty decent chance people have a renewed interest in their leader. The opposition [however flimsy] is more weakened. International community [especially Russia and France] can cite north koreas humanitarian action to lift sanctions and many more things.

I should say i join the families in expressing relief over the events of yesterday, even though the other side might be playing dirty.

Marketing Lesson: Turning a bad situation in one’s favor is always a nice trick to have up one’s sleeve. Especially if the person in question is a marketer. In real life mistakes/surprises happen its how we handle them shows if a company deserves to keep a certain corporate account.

Now, the above example is obviously very extreme but whats important to take away is that perception plays a very important role in influencing others to take certain desired actions [anything from buying a product to thinking about a product] our ready stand-by apple is always a good example of this.

Until next time



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