A 360 Perspective

A comparison survey (would you prefer design A or design B) is a tool used a lot, especially by those looking for a quick fix to a declining bottom line. The reality of a truly successful brand is the combination of various elements coming together around a singular idea. If one were to walk down a busy street asking for examples of this they would hear names like Starbucks, Apple, and so on. Problem is, this whole conversation will be taking place outside a small business which insists on doing just one thing to get customer attention.

Here is a simple example courtesy of ace designer Jonathan McConell (http://workbynight.com) Take a look at the image gallery below and meet me further down by clicking the READ MORE link below the slideshow.

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Scenario: To generate new business a consulting company sends gifts to prospective clients.

A gift is not enough to generate new business nor to prime the client for the message they will hear when we get them on the phone. To supplement the gift a company can use custom packaging to share their ethos. In the case of the iPhone box the message is clear “We are a forward thinking company.” The book which follows makes a very compelling gift on its own. Simply by making the last page detachable it will find its way on coffee tables around the prospective clients office. Finally the information kit which will accompany the gift is color coordinated with the gift itself and has elements which signify new beginnings and success through design.

Marketing Lesson: Genius designer Jonny makes a compelling kit which will guarantee new business for the firm using it. The gift needs to be followed up (refer to Keeping Promises). The message of success needs to be emphasized in the phone calls and meetings that come after the cold approach. A gift with a 360 perspective makes those phone calls and meetings easier too.

Special thanks to Jonathan McConnell for allowing me to use a little of his genius to make my point.

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