Photo Break: Good Enuf !!

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Had the opportunity to witness this FM transmitter at the mall today. Immediately it reminded me of the “Good Enough Problem” from Prof. Love’s branding class. The jist of it is, there are many product options in the market that do the job well enough that the only distinction that remains between them is the marketing strategy they employ to attract customers.

This concept is taken even further when companies create packaging that resembles well known manufacturers. As in the case above, 3G Ltd. (swear to god i am not making that up) is copying Griffin Technology’s packaging for an iPhone/iPod FM transmitter. It does the same job, is definitely made of cheaper materials but that does not have any impact on its operation and is half the price of the Griffin branded device.

Marketing Lesson: An important part of marketing is protecting your design identity and being proactive about combating competition which can have the effect of confusing customers and maybe even losing customers if the imitator is of poor quality. This is easier said than done but should be part of the branding process. If you are going to put in the effort to set yourself apart, make sure its very hard to imitate.

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