That’s all there is to it

My artistic impression of a street hawker.

“That’s all there is to it.” If not these specific words, then at least the sentiment is expressed all around us.Since the advent of trade there has been a need for marketing. If the consumer does not know a solution exists to their problem then even the best solution is a failure. Everything we do in marketing is an evolution of the classic street hawker. This is not an attempt to trivialize the actions of those in the marketing industry. On the contrary, it is a heartfelt compliment to everyone involved in the industry. Marketing professionals work hard everyday to understand human behaviour and then present solutions to consumers. They are the bond which links industry to consumers and vice versa.

To me, marketing is educating a potential consumer about choice. It gives the consumer the power to vote with their wallets and opinions to shape the products and services that are offered to them. To someone that does not spend their time thinking about marketing as a process (because the best marketing is invisible) the term ‘marketing’ is synonymous to advertising. This is understandable because advertising is the most visible part of marketing, but it is largely dependant on other aspects of marketing namely Research and Design.

Marketing research encompasses everything from understanding why a consumer chooses product A over product B. While design is interwoven into everything marketing. From constructing the best structure for a focus group to the packaging of a given product. If advertising is the face/silhouette of marketing then research is the backbone and design the muscles required to support everything. In 2011, I hope to explore various aspects of good marketing for now I would like to thank every single marketing professional out there for making my life easier as a consumer and giving me the gift of choice. Specifically I would like to thank a small group of creative, hard working, and committed marketing professional who in their own ways contribute to the field and who I am proud to call friends. (Without them Marketwala would not continue, and they continue to provide insights for Marketwala even if its unconsciously on their part)

(In no particular order this is the Marketwala team)

  • Edwin LoveAssociate Marketing Professor, Western Washington University
  • Jonathan McConnell – Chief Warlock, Work By Night
  • Vinod Kumar – Code Guru, Google Adwords Team
  • Richard Leszek – King of Behavioural Insight, Weyerhaeuser
  • Erik Simkins – Prime Eye, Simkins Photography
  • Brooks Hassig – Awesome Creator, Design By Seeing
  • Bahana Naimzadeh – Customer Service Guru, Peoples Bank (Facebook)
  • My Family – For letting me observe their buying behavior. (Shh, don’t tell them.)

Until next year,



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