Trust is the water to your product promotion’s seed.

The best offers and plans often FAIL to make an impression on the consumer. Most companies assume this is a failure to publicize the product. Often the problem is trust.

Scenario: A new company is trying to sell boots and offers worry free replacement for 1yr along with 20% introductory discount. Most customers will just assume there is a catch and won’t bother with it. Some will go to the store but will be skeptical of such a great deal, leaving without making a purchase. Those that make purchases will indent the sales staff with many questions before completing the transaction.

If the same offer was made by say REI Inc. the result would be excited crowds of people. The difference is trust.  All of us as consumers have been exposed to what I like to call the “crying wolf” problem, we view every offer and deal with skepticism. Too many companies have offer But One Get One only to write 20% off in tiny font at the bottom.

Marketing Lesson: Trust is not granted by default in today’s marketplace. Every commercial and non-commercial enterprise needs to work proactively to cultivate consumer trust. Good news is that trust is easy, make great products and services, provide great service and be honest in all your dealings.

Until next time.



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