Who’s Interviewing Who

Sometimes for fun, I apply for interviews. I am lucky enough in life that I would never starve without a job so when I go for interviews I am also interviewing them.

Step 1: Go with the right attitude. Don’t give up all the authority to the interviewer. If you feel nervous or intimidated its easy to sense.

Step 2: Go early, scout the place, talk to people see if you would fit into the atmosphere.

Step 3: Take time to think before answering, have open-ended questions ready and smile.

Step 4: Brag about yourself (don’t lie), leave on a high note, always say yes (NO should not be in your vocabulary) and be memorable. HR people are very useful friends in any company.

Step 5: (The most important one) if you don’t get the job its the company’s loss.

*Note: This post is by request and includes things that work for me, I am sure others might have their own key to a successful interview, share them in comments.

Until next time,



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