Depending on the type of advertising you do meme’s/trends can be your bread and butter. For the rest of the marketing crew meme’s/trends are a great way to figure out how to stay relevant in your approach. Buzzfeed is the central hangout for all things current. Use it to understand your data, ask the right question and find the emotional connection with your audience.

“There’s always…

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” ― J.K. Rowling

Your premise should evoke aspiration. Your target audience should emote, don’t worry about picking the fantastic from imagination. That’s when you will have them hooked.


Who’s Interviewing Who

Sometimes for fun, I apply for interviews. I am lucky enough in life that I would never starve without a job so when I go for interviews I am also interviewing them.

Step 1: Go with the right attitude. Don’t give up all the authority to the interviewer. If you feel nervous or intimidated its easy to sense.

Step 2: Go early, scout the place, talk to people see if you would fit into the atmosphere.

Step 3: Take time to think before answering, have open-ended questions ready and smile.

Step 4: Brag about yourself (don’t lie), leave on a high note, always say yes (NO should not be in your vocabulary) and be memorable. HR people are very useful friends in any company.

Step 5: (The most important one) if you don’t get the job its the company’s loss.

*Note: This post is by request and includes things that work for me, I am sure others might have their own key to a successful interview, share them in comments.

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Writing to invoke action

One of the easiest ways of spreading a marketing messages is issuing a press release. Now instead of trying to type up a fake press release I am just going to share this link RALLY FOR SANITY. This text is so compelling that it made me look for ways to make it to the National Mall even though i am in a completely different country. Enjoy the poster for the rally below and if you can, make sure to attend and share your experience in the comments.

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Tip: Think before the Click

Quick Note: Canada has been very non conducive to detailed marketing commentary. In the following weeks I am going to revamp this blog to make it easier for me on the content side.That means shorter posts but they will still have good verifiable information and lessons.

If you ever need to provide photographs for ID purpose make sure to grow out your head and face hair so if ever you need to disappear in a hurry you just shave it off and get on the move. This also makes it hard for electronic surveillance to detect you. Then just pick up a hat and sun glasses from a gift shop (with the emergency cash you should hide in the refrigerator) and you are pretty hard to find on a security camera.

Marketing Lesson: A tip like the one above on the inside of every ECKO packaging gives it that little personalized touch which a younger target demographic group will enjoy.

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Visually Speaking: Click HERE to see a power point presentation explaining the concept.