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staying relevant

Depending on the type of advertising you do meme’s/trends can be your bread and butter. For the rest of the marketing crew meme’s/trends are a great way to figure out how to stay relevant in your approach. Buzzfeed is the central hangout for all things current. Use it to understand your data, ask the right question and find the emotional connection with your audience.


M and M’s of Marketing Statistics

m and m image
Ordered Set of M&M’s

As you work to derive meaning from numbers in a business case setting, you will realize that lot of the data collection boils down to a set of basic math. These functions are Mean, Median & Mode which I collectively refer to as M&M’s of marketing statistics.

Before we get into learning what these are and how they help I want to emphasize this approach does not imply that all you should do is find the M&M’s and call it quits. Knowing and using the basics will help you triage mountains of data effectively for your own sanity.

Here are the M&M’s

Photo break Strategy

a simple premise

A TV show based on the idea that the nightly news cast can be better…just maybe 5% better…and we should all aspire to be the ‘greater fool’.

Learn: Have a good basic premise that’s rings true with your audience…rest is easy.


Bollywood Your Narrative

bollywood-2Every good marketing strategy has a strong narrative behind it. The challenge for marketing professionals is to create and guide this narrative as it develops. This task may seem daunting especially when it comes to guiding and developing a narrative which has already been released to a target audience. Having a good starting point will help make the development tasks easier to manage.

This is where Bollywood comes in, start with a tried and tested formula and put in some twists to make it your own. A Bollywood movie is a recycled product through and through but every new movie can make it big depending on how well it follows the formula.

Disclaimer: I am very fond of Bollywood movies and life would be seriously lacking without them, so keep them coming.

Here is the marketing process parallel making a Bollywood movie: