small victories = motivation

Another week goes by and my attempts to cultivate green habits become more structured. I had two small victories but before the update here are 3 green stories from the web.

Vespa’s reduce carbon footprint: Paolo Timoni, CEO and President of Piaggio Group USA claims Vespa’s are very effective at reducing carbon footprints. And that’s why his company recently updated its website, to teach consumers about the benefits of driving a Vespa. This green effort by Vespa is directly connected to the consumers pockets and is called Vespanomics.

Lazy man’s guide to living green: One of the biggest complains an average consumer like myself has is that living green is too expensive. Bryan Merchant from Brooklyn, New York begs to differ. He shares some basic tips on simple things one can do in the course of a normal day to save money, be green and be lazy all at the same time. Warning: some tips may cause you to break out laughing.

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Its hard to change habits, especially the bad ones

Its been more than a week and the “green resolutions” are not going well. Before we get into the update here is a sustainability update from the interwebs. (click the titles to view)

Food needs “fundamental rethink” – Mark Kinver writes this article on BBC online to talk about the needs for a complete overhaul in the food production process.

Tim Lang from UK’s newly formed food council is quoted “The new approach needed to address key fundamentals like biodiversity, energy, water and urbanisation, he added.”

The article talks about the process from many perspectives and is a must read.

Cement that Eats Carbon Dioxide Invented by British Scientists – The new cement, which uses a different raw material, certainly has a vast potential market. Making the 2bn tonnes of cement used globally every year pumps out 5% of the world’s CO2 emissions – more than the entire aviation industry.

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if everyone lived like me, we would need 3 planets

Yup, this is the latest discovery i have made about myself. Before we get more into this here is some background.

This quarter i am taking a “Marketing Strategies for Sustainability” class. As part of the class requirements we will be blogging our personal efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. So in a similar effort to preserve the finite amount of web space i own, i am integrating this assignment in marketwala as a category called “Marketing 488

Ok now back to business. So as i was saying if the whole world were to live my lifestyle we would need 3 planets to support us. Now now, before you start to tell me i am killing the planet i would like you to take the test and find out how you are doing. If you take the test post the results in comments, i will try to post results from the rest of our class to add some frame of reference to this number.

Quick Stats for me:

  • If everyone had my lifestyle we would need 3.2 planets (yes i rounded it down)
  • It take 14.2 acres of earth’s productive area to support me
  • The 14.2 acres generates 15.3 tons of carbon dioxide
  • Most of my land consumption comes from Energy land

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