Image is worth a thousand words …and millions of dollars


This image used correctly can be a money maker. Think friendship, think cereal box art.

M and M’s of Marketing Statistics

m and m image

Ordered Set of M&M’s

As you work to derive meaning from numbers in a business case setting, you will realize that lot of the data collection boils down to a set of basic math. These functions are Mean, Median & Mode which I collectively refer to as M&M’s of marketing statistics.

Before we get into learning what these are and how they help I want to emphasize this approach does not imply that all you should do is find the M&M’s and call it quits. Knowing and using the basics will help you triage mountains of data effectively for your own sanity.

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“There’s always…

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” ― J.K. Rowling

Your premise should evoke aspiration. Your target audience should emote, don’t worry about picking the fantastic from imagination. That’s when you will have them hooked.


Quantify Life: Helium Reserves Depleting

UP_Poster1500This morning there was a news story in the Wall Street Journal on the serious depletion of US Helium reserve. While congress does their job let us take a moment to analyze the impact of a story like this on the Pixar movie UP. If you have not seen it here is a good review.

Breaking down the numbers:

Constant: Lifting force of helium.

1 Gram per liter of Helium

Estimates: Average weight of a US home. Continue reading