its all about the automobile

I spent a considerable amount of this weekend researching information for a Management project on the Chinese Auto industry. This got me curious on what is being done to reduce the impact we have on the environment through our cars.

As one many imagine there is enormous amount of information present around the interwebs and in our own backyards on reducing auto pollution. Here are 3 ranging from most common to most unique.

10 tips to reduce your auto pollution – these are the basics, with tips ranging from driving only when necessary, to keeping you car well tuned and good pressure in your tires. This list may be obvious but is still a good read. [read]

Amsterdam’s City Cargo – This service which recently finished a pilot program recently went in full operation. The basic premise of the service is that it uses the existing mass transit network of Amsterdam to bring cargo into the city and then uses its own fleet of trucks to complete the short hop and get the goods to the customers doorstep. [read]

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