the toxic life

Its the end of week 4 and this week brought a rather startling realization. Before we jump into my week here are there 3 stories that made the interwebs a little more sustainable.

Bill of RightsThe makers bill of rights – the good people at released a bill of rights to safeguard consumer interest. A very interesting side effect of this bill is that it encourages REUSE a very important concept in the sustainable movement. This bill of rights shows the synergy that exists in our environment. (click on the graphic to view full resolution)

Urban Farming – Cuba is the biggest urban farming country in the world, with 90% of produce being grown in cities. The idea of urban farming has been around for a long time now, with successful implementation of the technique visible through out Asia and Europe. It is still rather rare in America, in my small attempt to encourage urban farming take a look at this brief article and picture (farming in a bank vault in Japan), click here and be inspired.

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