Smooth Ubiquitous Operator

Like everything else in life marketing and advertising is a constant balancing act. It is always difficult make our product a part of everything in a target consumers lifestyle. This gets even harder when we have to toe the line to make sure its not annoying to the consumer.

The easiest and lazy marketers way of achieving this balance is using celebrities. The thinking behind this is that consumers already like the celebrity so they won’t mind a plug for say, sneakers. This is a good strategy until we account for all the other marketing firms plugging their clients products with their own celebs. The noise gets so bad that an average consumer just switches their decision making factors to some other aspect of their life.

In the past I have made the argument that there is no need to reinvent the wheel for every account. This still stands. Keep the principles basic and the execution unique. Take a look at this article about stealing and being original at the same time. Steal like an artist and relax. – Nothing is original. (via Lifehacker)

Marketing lesson: Integrate your promotional strategy in your target consumers lifestyle, make it unique, keep it simple and most importantly be disciplined/consistent.

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