SpongeBob and Message Recall

My first post here since moving to the great north a.k.a. Canada. I’ll try my best to leave out the eh! in my writing.

Today i am adding a new category to Marketwala called MEMORY. As you may imagine memory plays a very important part in a marketing message. The reason we have supremely annoying advertisements and amazingly smart ones is because the marketer is trying to help us recall the message.

To create a effective message we need to understand how it will be consumed.

On the theory side a message needs to follow a certain route so that it may be recalled effectively, lets call this memory processes and stages. (Before we dive into the process if you need to review definitions for some of the words used please scroll to the end of this post.)

Memory can be described as a reconstructive process. Imagine a million light bulbs arranged in a grid. Each bulb on its own can only remember two things, the on and off state. But the whole grid together can form various shapes.