the many flavors of green

Quarter is almost coming to an end and as always i am struggling to summarize the vastness of all the information i have learnt. The sustainability goals are coming along pretty well before we get into details here is something i came across the web today.

Uptil now i just knew the terms “green” or “grey.” Each signifying friend or enemy of the planet respectively. Today i ran across an article on the web that talks about different types of green. I have tried to create one line summaries on all of them and you an always read the original post here.

There are 3 types of green based on the philosophy of the people that follow them, obviously there are many variations in each and crossovers.

Bright Green: People who believe that for green to be successful it also has to be profitable and care about overall well being of humanity.

Light Green: People that encourage change on an individual level will result in a global result.

Dark Green: People that promote the idea that we need to step away from consumerism and maybe even modern conviniences.

What type of Green are you? I currently fall somewhere under light and bright green. Continue reading