Dead Standing Up

For those of my readers who are unaware, the Big G (Google) provides a search engine to browse various patents that have been filed with the patent office. This magical tool led me to THIS patent application. Just read the first page to get an idea of what its all about.

Now some might say this is not really a resting position, or this somehow goes against one religious practice or another. These are valid claims and they should be taken into account. But with the soaring cost of funerals, news reports of cemeteries reusing burial spots without family consent and the enormous environmental benefits. This does seem a very logical and simple solution.

Marketing Lesson: This is one of those marketing conundrums where the company has an exciting new product but the incumbent product/practice seems too big to break.

Company needs to have large reputable clients before it shoots for quantity sales. Also it needs a whole division dedicated to educating consumers about the product.

Seem the idea is catching on as Australia got its first vertical cemetery in 2009.

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